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Welcome to FH Aachen!


Academic Calendar

Winter Semester 2014/15:
Orientation Week: 22. - 26. September 2014
German Intensive Course: 02. - 19. September 2014
Beginning of Semester Courses: 29. September 2014
Reading Week: 17. - 21. November 2014
Exam period: 19. January - 06. February 2015

Summer Semester 2015:
Information will be added

Courses in English in Winter 2014/15

On the following page you can find the courses offered in English at the Business Department: Course offers in English in Winter 2014/15

Courses in English in Summer 2015

Information will be added

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Please follow this link to get answers to the most common questions asked by incoming students.

Evaluations by former guest students

On this page you can find the evaluations of former guest students who answered questions regarding their study abroad stay, the life in Germany and some useful tips for future studens: Evaluations of former guest students


On the following pages we will give you more information on housing in Aachen [more...]
The living expenses in Aachen amount to around 750 EUR. For more information, please see here: [more...]

Learning German

Exchange students have a variety of German language courses to choose from during their study period at FH Aachen. FH Aachen offers each student two German courses for free. Students get 5 ECTS for each German course after successful completion of the course. The German courses available are usually these:

1. German Intensive Courses

  • 3 weeks before the beginning of the semester
  • Summer School (Courses available level A1 to C1)
  • Winter School (Courses available level A1 and A2)

2. German courses during the semester

  • Beginners (Level A1.2)
  • Advanced Beginners (Level A2)
  • Advanced (Level B1)

3. Business German course during the semester

  • Wirtschaftsdeutsch (Level B1-B2)

All module descriptions are available in German here:   
--> Go to "Sprachenzentrum"