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Services, Fees, Campuses and Student Housing

Lectures, labs, practical training and workshops

The Freshman year is divided into three 12-week trimesters.  Students attend lectures 36 hours per week.  Classes include languages courses as well as other subjects, depending on the field of study, such as mathematics, business, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.  For future engineering students (except those in civil engineering), one trimester is an internship or practical workshop training trimester.

Students interested in civil engineering must submit eight weeks of internship in activities related to civil engineering and construction upon application to the Freshman program.

Additional courses offered include individual tutoring, intercultural training, home economics workshops, etc.

Free public transportation within all of the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia

Semester Ticket for Public Transportation

The Semester Ticket is part of the student activity fee and all students are required to buy it.  You can use it to travel free on most public transportation within the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Health and Liability Insurance

The Freshman Institute insures all students in the Freshman program.  You will receive more information upon your arrival in Germany.  However, it does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions, so please be sure that these are taken care of before you leave home.

General assistance

  • pickup service from airports in Cologne and Duesseldorf

  • opening a bank account

  • registration at town hall

  • residence permit/visa

  • sports activities (swimming, basketball, soccer, badminton, table tennis, dancing, etc.)

  • excursions (such as Paris)

  • cooking and baking courses

  • handicraft courses
  • individual and social support

  • housekeeping course with certificate at the beginning of the Freshman year
  • mentoring by former Freshmen
  • written lecture materials and use of the textbooks during the Freshman year are included in the fees

Food, personal articles and pocket money are not included.



All overseas services are included.
A secured bank account is not required.
The all-inclusive fees are currently 17,000.00 euros.

Additional: Security deposit of € 400 for rooms, which will be paid back at the end of Freshman year, if no damage has occurred.

This  summary and short explanation of the fees of the Freshman Institute is not legally binding. Only the original document in its current form is legally binding

1.    The fee for the Freshman year is 17,000 euros.
2.    The fees must be paid upon receipt of the admission to the Freshman program in order for the student to participate in the course.
3.    Cancellation refunds are only available in exceptional circumstances and depend upon the reason for the cancellation.

What is Included in Your Fees?

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PDF  What is included in your fees?

Campuses of Freshman Institute – Jülich, Geilenkirchen and Bedburg-Hau

The campuses are situated in quiet small towns of about 10,000 to 32,000 people with green environments. Shopping facilities are within walking distance and many larger cities can be reached for free by public transportation with the student semester ticket.


Live on Campus during the Freshman Year

During the Freshman year, most of your classes will take place on campus in classrooms conveniently located just a few steps from your dormitory.  Engineering students who must attend their three-month workshop training course at the university facilities in Jülich will be transported there and back by private shuttle bus each day at no extra cost.

Living conditions - accommodation in double rooms

The furnished rooms in Geilenkirchen have a bed, desk, chairs and a wardrobe for your clothing. The furnished kitchens have a refrigerator, sink and stove with burners and an oven.

We will assign you a room for the duration of the Freshman Program.  The room rental will not be refunded if you leave the program or move to another address.

  • Students share a room with another Freshman during the Freshman year. 
  • The rooms have a living and sleeping area of about 10-16m².
  • Most rooms or apartments have their own kitchen/common room and bathroom.  In some cases shared bathrooms are in the hall, in which case there are separate bathrooms for male and female students.
  • Internet connections are free in each room.
  • Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available in the building.
  • Study rooms and sport facilities such as table tennis and badminton are available for free on campus.
  • Students are responsible for preparing their own meals, cleaning their own rooms and doing their own laundry.

Students attending classes in Jülich may eat breakfast and lunch from Mondays to Fridays in the university dining room (Mensa).  You can see the daily menu here

Security Deposit

  • You will have to pay a security deposit of € 400 on your room when you move in, in addition to the Freshman program fee.  
  • You will get your security deposit back only if you leave the room in good condition at the end of the Freshman program.