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Foto: Sebastian Schwarz

In Search of Lost Places

Swimming pools, cinema halls, factory buildings: It's not hard to imagine that, a few decades ago, these places brimmed over with people. Now they are abandoned, forgotten,  lost. With his photos, FH graduate Sebastian Schwarz wants to keep the memories of these "lost places" alive. His works are on exhibition at the Atelierhaus Aachen from 16 July to 13 August. | More Information



Excursions Within the Framework of the Scholarship Programme

In the summer semester, altogether fourteen business companies and institutions will open their doors to FH Aachen scholarship holders. During these excursions, students will have the chance to get to know the companies, gain insights into everyday work, and inform themselves about career opportunities. | More Information


Photo: Tobias Neumann

Carologistics RoboCup World Champions for the Fourth Time

As the RoboCup Logistics League final drew to a close on July 30, 2017, the final score was 58:28. For the fourth time, the Carologistics, a joint team of the FH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University, have prevailed and come out on top, this year against Team GRIPS from Graz. At the onset of the competition, an exciting neck-and-neck-race between the two opponents took place during the production phase. Find out more


Spuren im Staub

 | 18.08.2017 |  FH-Absolvent Sebastian Schwarz macht Fotos von „Lost Places“ | [more]

Ein Sommer mit Robotern

 | 17.08.2017 |  ROS Summer School efreut sich auch 2017 großer Beliebtheit | [more]

Carologistics zum vierten Mal Weltmeister

 | 15.08.2017 |  Team von FH Aachen und RWTH siegt beim RoboCup in Japan | [more]

Würdigung für hervorragende Leistungen

 | 10.08.2017 |  Heinrich Schäfer bekommt Honorarprofessur verliehen | [more]


 | 09.08.2017 |  FH-Studentin entwirft Tapuya-Bühne für Electrisize Festival  | [more]

Ringvorlesung zur medizinischen Biotechnologie

 | 08.08.2017 |  Programm für das Wintersemester 2017/18 | [more]


Betriebsausflug der FH Aachen

 | 31.08.2017 |  Hasselt | [more]

Energiewirtschaftstage 2017

 | 31.08.2017 |  Zweitägiges Kolloquium für Energiewirtschaft und Informatik | [more]

Gesundheitstag der FH Aachen

 | 12.09.2017 |   | [more]

Gesundheitstag der FH Aachen

 | 14.09.2017 |  Campus Jülich | [more]

Fit für die Mobilität der Zukunft - Nachhaltige Strategien für die Region Aachen

 | 15.09.2017 |  1. ECSM-Fachtagung | [more]

25 Jahre SIJ

 | 22.09.2017 |  Das Solar-Institut Jülich feiert Jubiläum | [more]