Frequently Asked Questions


1) When can I apply for the course and how?

Please apply via our online application portal. It will be opened some weeks, latest 4 weeks, before the deadline for international applicants.

2)What are the tuition fees?

We do not have any tuition fees. Students only need to pay a so-called social fee per semester which includes the fee for public transport.

3) Is it possible to defer the admission to the next semester?

It is not possible to defer your admission to the next semester. You have to apply again for the next semester.

4) When will applicants be informed of thei outcome of their application?

The admission results will be declared approximately four weeks after the application deadline for international students (usually 30 November) . The results for European applicants will be declared approximately four weeks after that later deadline (15 January).


1) What is the institution code for IELTS/GRE?

We no longer hold an ETS code. Please upload your IELTS/GRE certificate to your online application.

2) Which language certificates are sufficient?

For English language proficiency, we accept TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or FCE certificates with the scores required as stated on our web page. Additionally, we accept the “Zugangsprüfungs Englisch” of

For German language, we accept Goethe institute’s B1 or the TestDaf certificate. All other certificates have to be checked by our office in advance. For enrolment, a German language certificate A2 is sufficient, but only the stated institutions can be accepted without any further proof.

3) When do I have to submit the language certificates?

The language certificates are not mandatory for the application. You do however have to submit them on your enrolment date to be admitted to the programme.

Note that the failure to provide certificates by the application deadline does not affect your application as such, but that you will lose your admission if you  cannot provide them for enrolment.

4) Do I have to submit an English language certificate?

You do not have to submit TOEFL/IELTS/FCE certificates in case you are a native speaker or you are able to provide an official statement from your university concerning the fact that your entire undergraduate studies were taught in English.

5) Is it possible to join a German language course parallel to the master course and submit the certificate later?

It is only possible for the B1-course. Without the required language certificates at the time of enrolment, your admission will become invalid. There is no possibility to get a conditional approval. We do not offer special language courses as preparation for the B1 examination.

6) Are all courses taught in English language?

Courses are taught in English, and there is one course (“Technisches Deutsch”, technical German) with German content.


1) Which documents do I have to submit?

Until the application deadline you have to submit: CV in table form, Bachelor’s Degree and certificate, Transcripts, GRE (for applicants from non-Bologna-universities), Course Comparison List, Module Description.

You do not need to upload a letter of motivation or letters of recommendation.

At the enrolment date, you have to submit your Bachelor’s Degree and certificate, your GRE score card, your admission letter, both language certificates and additional documents requested in the admission letter.

2) How to submit the documents?

Please upload all required documents to your online application. Do not send any documents postal or via ETS.

Only the signed CCL has to be sent to our university in the post or via e-mail.

3) Do I need letters of recommendation?

No, we do not consider them.

4) Do I need to authenticate my documents from the German Embassy?

No. If your original documents are in English or German language, it is sufficient to upload a scan of the originals. If your documents are in another language, they have to be translated to one of the required languages and notarized by your university or any notary.

5) What is meant by “module description”?

For all courses, which you have named in the course comparison list, please upload the content description as one document to the online application. Please do not upload your whole syllabus. Uploading just the whole syllabus will make the application invalid.

6) Is it possible to apply without my Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate?

Yes. If you finish your undergraduate studies before our Master programmes start, you may apply with a provisional degree from your university. It must be stated that you will finish your studies, and a provisional numerical overall final grade should be included. In that case, we can only consider the courses stated on the transcripts you have provided for the course comparison list.

GRE and APS (Kopie 1)

1) What is the institution code for IELTS/GRE?

We no longer hold an ETS code. Please upload your GRE score card to your online application.

2) Do I need GRE?

You need to provide the GRE if your undergraduate studies were achieved at a University which is not member of the Bologna-process. A list of institutions conforming to the Bologna-process  is available here:

India is not a member of the Bologna process.

Note that the required GRE score is given in percentile and not in percent.

3) Do I need APS?

If your undergraduate studies were achieved in China, you need to provide APS additionally to the GRE certificate.


Further Information:

FAQ for the Bachelor's Degree programmes

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Same applies to questions about the master's degrees; Those you can anytime mail to master-fb6(at)