Angewandte Chemie

Bachelor of Sciences

Die FH Aachen und der Fachbereich Chemie und Biotechologie sind auf zahlreichen Messen vertreten. Komm vorbei und informiere Dich in einem persönlichen Gespräch mit den Professoren und Mitarbeiter aus dem Bereich Biotechnologie und den Kollegen der Allgemeinen Studienberatung.
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Welcome to the Degree Programme Angewandte Chemie

Chemistry is a natural science with a long history and innovative inventions for society. Even today, chemistry is ubiquitous with its versatile special fields such as environmental analysis, plastics technology, food analysis, environmental technology or nuclear chemistry. During the studies of applied chemistry, the fundamentals of chemistry are taught as well as the subjects that make the application of research to everyday life possible. To this day, the chemical industry is an important branch of industry in Germany and around the world. Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme "Angewandte Chemie" (Applied Chemistry) are in demand, and job security awaits them after their studies.

We would be pleased to welcome you here soon and, if you have already decided: Welcome!

Yours sincerely
Prof. Dr. agr. Beate Lassonczyk

(Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biotechnology)