Graduate Dual Degree Option

In cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM), FH Aachen offers the option of completing the Master's degree programme in Angewandte Mathematik und Informatik (Applied Mathematics and Informatics) as a Graduate Dual Degree. Students participating in this programme will complete the first year of their Master's degree at FH Aachen, then transfer to Milwaukee, USA, for the second year. Upon successful completion of their studies, they will receive both the Master of Science in Angewandte Mathematik und Informatik from FH Aachen and the Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.

Students interested in this option should contact Prof. Dikta early in the first semester of their Master's course of study. Prerequisites for admission to the Dual Degree Studies are good to very good Bachelor grades and proof of English language skills with a TOEFL test. This is followed by an application to the UWM Graduate Programme. It is possible to apply for a position as a teaching assistant at the UWM so that the considerable American tuition fees do not have to be financed.

Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin with almost 600,000 inhabitants and situated on the western shore of Lake Michigan in the north of the USA. The University of Wisconsin offers almost 28,000 places in 14 different schools and colleges. The university campus is located only five blocks from Lake Michigan. The Department of Mathematics is part of the College of Letters & Sciences of the UWM and offers various Master's degree programmes: Mathematics/ Statistics, Industrial Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Applied Statistics and Actuarial Sciences. The Dual Degree focuses on general mathematics, numerics, and statistics. When choosing their subjects, students must take the requirements of FH Aachen and UWM examination regulations into account.

Application & Information

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