Architektur | Bachelor of Arts

What Is Architecture?

Good question! Look around. What do you see? Architecture is all around you. You live in it, you learn and sleep in it. It's your built environment. Structures, streets, cities. They are witnesses of your time. They are manifestations of artistic tendencies, cultural distinctiveness, technical possibilities, ecological conditions, social and economic circumstances. In that respect, architecture is also a time machine: historical buildings take you back in time, futuristic ones take you to a remote future.

Amidst good architecture, you feel at ease. You are fascinated by the effect of spaces, of forms, light and materials.

This is why architecture can also be called an art, the art of construction. The art of designing a building in such a manner that it isn't just aesthetically pleasing, but useful as well. To plan it in such a manner that people within feel at ease. To build it in such a manner that it will hold for many years. That's waht architects do, acting responsibly towards resources and the environment. And so much more. They organise construction sites, oversee time schedules and construction costs, work in a team with engineers.

We will show you how to do it.