The Degree Programme

What does dual studies mean?

A characteristic feature of dual study programmes is the linking of theory and practice in terms of content. School leavers apply to a company for an apprenticeship and complete a course of study at FH Aachen at the same time. The training, which is usually shortened, is completed with an IHK or HWK examination certificate; the course of study ends with obtaining a Bachelor's degree.

Degree Programme Profile

Civil engineering is an engineering science that deals with the planning, technology, statics and functionality of structures, but also with the sustainable design of our environment. The tasks in civil engineering are broadly diversified:

  • Construction of buildings
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Conception of supply and disposal systems
  • Energy supply
  • Facility management
  • Project development

Within the dual study programme Bauingenieurwesen, students can deepen their knowledge in the main areas of construction site management, constructionl engineering, network management, transportation as well as water and waste management. | Details on Specialisations




Study Contents and Career Prospects
In principle, the job situation for civil engineers depends on the overall construction activity, but can generally be described as good. This is also due to the fact that there is a lot going on in the construction industry. New developments require new skilled workers, which in turn makes for stable prospects for the future.

Sequence of Study
The course of study consists of the core studies (6 semesters) and the specialisation studies (3 semesters). In the dual study programme, Core Studies 1, which normally last one year, are extended to 2 years. Parallel to this, the training takes place. In total, the dual study programme lasts 9 semesters (4.5 years) - only one year longer than a full-time course of study with 7 semesters (3.5 years).



Degree Programme: Bauingenieurwesen Dual
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Access to Further Studies: postgraduate Master's degree programmes
Prescribed Period of Study: 9 semesters
Admission: for the winter semester
Application: directly at FH Aachen
Place of Study: Aachen
Language of Instruction: German

Fields of Activity

  • Building contractors/construction companies
  • Engineering offices
  • Companies for prefabricated parts and building materials
  • Real estate development or management companies
  • Public service
  • Municipal works
  • Transportation companies
  • Energy industry
  • Research facilities

The career opportunities after graduation are diversified and, depending on the field of study, the job offers are quite varied.


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