Biomedical Engineering M.Sc.


The Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering at FH Aachen is an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented (English-speaking) degree programme providing students with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge. Additionally, our faculty members are scientifically active on the frontiers of science and technology, which provides students the in-depth scientific skills and knowledge they need for future careers. Read more about study contents.


Innovative prosthetics can reestablish or even replace many lost mechanical and sensory skills.   Research in biomedical engineering develops new solutions for complex medical and technical problems.  Biomedical-technical research can be either basic scientific-technical research or applied medical research with direct application to a product during its development.

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Have you finished your Bachelor's degree at another university and would like to get a personal impression of the Faculty of Medical Engineering and Technomathematics? General Academic Counselling in Jülich will provide information on the course of study. If you come from abroad, the International Office is your first point of contact.