Information about the application

The application procedure

As it is a locally admission-restricted degree programme, there is only a limited number of university places available. We gladly explain to you how to apply for a place to study. | Continue reading

Admission requirements

In order to be able to study in the degree programme you need a university entrance qualification. We gladly explain to you  what more requirements you need to meet. | Continue reading

Application with vocational qualification

People who have not acquired a general university or university of applied sciences entrance qualification but qualified through vocational education can also apply for a place to study.  | Continue reading

Application with foreign qualification

The application procedure for foreign applicants is preceded by an assessment procedure, in which the university entrance qualification of the particular country is assessed. | Continue reading

Information on the allocation of university places

In admission-restricted degree programmes, the places available are allocated by grade and waiting time rankings. We have compiled for you what this means and how that the allocation procedure works and what the limitation values have been in recent years.  | Continue reading

Information on the application for
higher subject-related semesters/
change of university

You've already studied at a university and would like to continue your course of study at the FH Aachen?  We gladly explain to you how to do this. | Continue reading