The application procedure

The degree programme Business Studies at FH Aachen is a locally admission-restricted undergraduate degree programme. Places are allocated via the dialogue-oriented service procedure of the Foundation for Unviersity Admission ( The dialogue-oriented service procedure supports the universties in their admission processes and helps to make sure that no university places remain vacant.

Registration and appliation

Your way into this degree programme at FH Aachen begins with the registration at In order to register, you enter your personal data and receive an applicant ID and a BAN (applicant authentication number). After having registered successfully you an apply for a place to study at our Applicant Portal .


The deadline for beginning your studies in the summer semester expires on 15th January. For the beginning of studies in the winter semester the application deadline expires on 15th July. Please note that the data portal of FH Aachen is released from mid November for applications for the summer semester and from mid May for applications for the winter semester. Only then is FH Aachen listed on After the appication, you can view your status of your application as well as the admission offers in your user account in the portal You can accept admission offers or wait until you receive higher-prioritised offers. After 18th February (summer semester) or 18th August (winter semester) the best possible admission offer is displayed. Applications with lower priority are cancelled.

You find comprehensive information on the application procedure on

Admission letter

If you receive an offer, you must actively accept it and apply for registration. After that, the admission letter is only provided in the applicant portal of FH Aachen. You will be informed by email.

You can learn about  the complete procedure from the check list, which is linked on the applicant page of the registrar's office.

Your contacts at the faculty

Leiterin Prüfungssekretariat und Fachstudienberatung
Dipl.-Vw. Melanie Reinders
T: +49.241.6009 51994
Room E212
Consultation Hours
Mo, Di, Do von 9:00 - 12:30 Uhr ; Mi, Fr n.V.
Fachstudienberatung insbes. BWL (aktuell in Elternzeit)
Nadine Oligschläger B.A.
T: +49.241.6009 51908
Room E214
Consultation Hours
Mo, Di, Do von 9:00 - 12:30 u. 13:15 - 14:15 und n.V.