Occuptational fields

One degree - many opportunities

Studying business studies is exciting and a big challenge at the same time. The employment market rewards this because good graduants are much sought-after on the employment market. Ranging from small and medium-sized or big businesses, affiliated groups, consulting firms, audit firms, to public institutions, such as the Road and Transport Department or adminsitrations, a degree in business studies will open many doors. The entry into professional life is often as a trainee in big companies or as a direct entry in small and medium-sized companies. During a trainee programme you pass through the different departments and get to know the different fields of work before specialising in one certain area. The direct entry allows you to gather experience in one area at an early stage. In doing so, you have more responsibility right from the start. We already  bring you into contact with companies at an early stage so you can make contacts, making the entry into professional life much easier.

What became of?

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