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Betriebswirtschaft/ Business Studies
The allrounder

What is a minimum wage? Why do a lot of companies relocate production abroad? How do petrol prices work? What is the underlying principle of low-cost supermarkets? How do I set up a business? These are typical  questions close to every day life business studies deal with. Business has been and still is the most popular course of study in Germany and at the same time one of the most versatile courses of study. Generally speaking, business studies examine how to manage, control and organise a company and how the various departments interact. In the process, it is all about increasing success and turnover. But business graduates also look beyond a single company. They watch markets and trends such as the buying behaviour of people and keep an eye on competitors and the state providing the legal framework.

What makes business studies at FH Aachen so special is that you can pick up a broad range of business skills. By choosing your fields of specialisation individually as you study you get the opportunity to specialise yourself according to your interests and inclinations.

Would you like to gain practical experience during your studies, study abroad for a while or deal with a research topic? A practical semester, semester abroad or project semester will give you the opportunity to do so. The special feature is that the acquisition of practical, foreign or research experience is integrated into the course of study. You can find out more about this here.

Even during the corona crisis, we offer our lectures online, using various digital services and options.

  • Full-time studies
  • NEW: Part-time studies

Full-time studies

You study full-time at our faculty and attend six modules per semester. Starting from semester four, you get to choose specialisation modules according to your own interests. After six semesters you complete your studies, earning a Bachelor of Science degree.


Overview full-time studies

Faculty: Business studies
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Location: Aachen
Normal period of study: 6 semesters (180 Credits), 7 semesters with mobility semester (210 credits), 11 semesters as part-time studies
Beginning of studies: Winter- and summer semester 
Application: via
Admission restrictionNC
Places of study: ca 430 / year
Admissin requirements: General or unversity of applied sciences entrance qualification
Language of lectures: German, partly Englisch as an option
Access to graduate study: consecutive Masters studies
Costs of StudySocial and student body contributions


Part-time studies

You would like to spend more time with your family or you do additional work or cannot study full-time for personal reasons?

Then, we offer the degree programme business studies as part-time study too.

Part-time study offers you more flexibility as you attend only three modules per semester. You attend the regular courses, however the period of study increases to 11 semesters. Starting from semester eight, you get to choose specialisation modules according to your interests. In the last semester, you do your practice project and the bachelor's thesis.

Overview part-time studies

Faculty: Business studies
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Study location: Aachen
Normal period of study: 11 semesters (180 credits)
Beginning of study: Winter- and summer semester 
Application: via
Admission restriction: NC
Places to study: ca 430 / year
Admission prerequisites: General or university of applied sciences entrance qualification
Langue of lectures: German, optionally and partly in English
Access to graduate studies: Consecutive Master degree programmes
Costs of study: Social and student body contribution

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