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Dual Study Programmes

02 Civil Engineering
> Civil Engineering - Dual (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)

03 Chemistry & Biotechnology
> Applied Chemistry (*a)
   (with FZ Jülich only)

06 Aerospace Engineering
> Flight Operations Engineering with Airline Pilot Training (*a)
> Vehicle Drive Engineering Plus
   (being planned / WS 2019/20) (*a)

07 Business Studies
Business Studies Praxis Plus (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)
> Business Studies Praxis Plus (*b)
> Business Law Praxis Plus (*b)
   (Cooperations Partners)


*a=ausbildungsintegrierend (integrated training)
*b=berufsbegleitend (extra occupational)


Please note | For a better understanding, the names of the degree programmes have been translated into English. This does not mean that the language of instruction is English.

08 Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
> Dual Engineering Education Mechatroncis (DIMech) (*a)
> Dual Engineering Education Rail Vehicle Technology (DIRail)  (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)

09 Medical Engineering and Technomathematics
> Ophthalmic Optics & Optometry (*b)
   (Apply directly at the ZVA Bildungszentrum)
> Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Scientific Programming) (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)
Physiotherapy (*a) (Apply directly at the Schule für Physiotherapie at the Uniklinikum Aachen)
> Physiotherapy (*b)

10 Energy Technology
Electrical Engineering PLuS (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)
Mechanical Engineering PLuS (*a)
   (Cooperation Partners)


*a=ausbildungsintegrierend (integrated training)
*b=berufsbegleitend (extra occupational)


A summary of all information including all skilled trades and the respective training periods can be found on the up-to-date FH Aachen Flyer on dual study programmes  (as at 07/2016).

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