Welcome to the Engineering Management Degree Programme

Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

Students of the bachelor program Engineering Management (majoring in Mechanical Engineering) have two specialization options: they can either specialize as engineering managers or sales engineers. This cross-disciplinary program offers a well-balanced combination of engineering and business studies. Its graduates have excellent career prospects in a broad field of application, ranging from production, purchase, and logistics to controlling, marketing and sales, as well as quality management, project and product management and environmental protection.

Engineering Manager (no specialisation)

Since engineering managers work closely together with scientists, engineers, computer specialists, economists, lawyers and other experts, they are familiar with their working methods and their way of thinking. Unlike most specialists who are focused on a special area, engineering managers are able to understand a company as a whole. Solving cross-disciplinary problems is their main task which makes them apt for management positions in technological-oriented companies.

Engineering Manager (with specialisation: Sales)

Sales Engineers are business engineers who are specifically trained in certain disciplines of business studies (e.g. marketing). In their future careers, they represent their companies and are the problem solvers to customers. They work as mediators and project managers in a multi-social environment. In international-oriented companies, they are required to have not only a high level of social skills, but also intercultural competence.