Engineering Sciences

Please note | Unless it is expressly stated otherwise, the language of instruction is German in all degree programmes. For a better understanding, the names of the degree programmes have been translated into English, except for those printed in italics (which have original English names).



  • Bachelor
  • Master

Applied Chemistry (full-time as well as dual)
Sustainable Chemistry | Food and Environmental Chemistry | Polymer Chemistry | Nuclear Chemistry



Civil Engineering (full-time as well as dual)
Construction Site Management| Construction Engineering | Network Management | Transportation | Water and Waste Management

Smart Building Engineering

Timber Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Automation and Drive Engineering | Vehicle Electronics | Communications Engineering

Electrical Engineering
"Sustainable Energy Technology"
Energy Technology

Electrical Engineering PLuS (dual)

Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester (ETOS)

Mechatronics (full-time, part-time, dual)

Mechanical Engineering (full-time, part-time)
General Mechanical Engineering | Product Development and Production | Additive Manufacturing |    Production Management and Digitalisation | Robotics | Product Development and Construction

Internationally Oriented Studies (IOS) (Bachelor):
Applied Chemistry
Biomedical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Engineering

The language of instruction in the IOS Bachelor's degree programmes is German starting in the first semester.  Some tutorials may be taught in other languages, including, but not necessarily limited to, English.

Mechanical Engineering
"Sustainable Energy Systems"
Energy and Environmental Management | Energy Conversion and Supply Facilities | Energy and Environmental Technologies

Mechanical Engineering PLuS (dual)

Rail Vehicle Technology (full-time as well as part-time as well as dual)

Vehicle Drive Engineering
Drive Engineering | Car Body and Interior

Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Construction | Engine Construction | Astronautical Engineering |Flight Operations Engineering

Flight Operations Engineering with Airline Pilot Training(dual)

Biomedical Enineering

Physical Engineering
Laser Technology/Optics | Semiconductor Technology/Nanostructures | Nuclear Technology/Radiation Protection | Construction Technology/CAD

Engineering Management (partly in English)
Engineering Management | Technical Sales and Distribution

Applied Polymer Science

Nuclear Applications (in English)


Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering/Construction Site Management | Civil Engineering/Construction Engineering |
Infrastructure/Transportation | Infrastructure/Water and Waste Management

Facility Management

Biomedical Engineering (in English)

Electrical Engineering
Communications Engineering | Vehicle Electronics | Automation and Drive Engineering

Information Systems Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (partly in English)
Aeronautic | Astronautic | Propulsion | Simulation

International Automotive Engineering (in English)
General Automotive Engineering |
Advanced Automotive Engineering

Mechatronics (partly in English)

Product Development in Mechanical Engineering 

Energy Systems (partly in English)
Energy Systems | Simulation Engineering

Energy Economy and Informatics (partly in English)
Energy Economy and Energy Technology |
Energy Economy and Informatics |
Energy Technology and Informatics

Industrial Engineering

Engineering Management(partly in English)
Economy| Engineering