Fahrzeug- und Antriebstechnik

The Degree Programme

Do you ever ask yourself how we are going to meet the challenges of ensuring mobility and, simultaneously, saving the environment in the years to come?

Here you will find information on the degree programme!

A Large Number of Entry-Level Career Opportunities

Graduates of the "Fahrzeug- und Antriebstechnik" degree programme find employment in an industry branch that has top level turnover as well as strong employment rates. Due to the broad range of subjects offered, there are entry-level career opportunities in the entire automobile industry for our graduates.


The basic idea of the study project GoGoCar is the designing of a "fleet" of novel city vehicles for the Euroregion. According to the "Car-To-Go" principle, a novel mobility concept is to be developed.

Key aspects of the project are:
> developing a mobility concept for "everyone"
> the vehicle concept in general
> focusing on HMI (Human-Machine-Interface)
> possible types of company formation