The degree programme

Industrial Engineering 3 semesters M.Sc.

How can queues at airport security checks be shortened? How can cars be produced more quickly and at a more favorable price? How can the processes at a distribution centre be optimised in the way that, goods can be restored, packaged and dispatched to customers without any major investments and harder work.

Students in the graduate degree programme „Industrial Engineering“ deal with similar and many other typical issues around production and logistics.

Ranging from the ordering process to logistics chains and the delivery of products, students not only learn the individual steps of the production process, but also plan and manage these competently. Two faculties (Business Science and Mechanics Engineering/Mechatronics) combine their competences so that students are optimally prepared for managerial tasks in producing industrial goods and providing services.

Studying with a practical approach

In co-operation with local and other companies, students work on real projects in a practical way and get to know possible, interesting employers at an early phase. Specific and important certificates are already offered during studies, e.g. students can earn the REFA basic certificate in co-operation with the renowned REFA federation, where competencies in the areas of work systems, process design and process data management can be gained.

The master’s thesis, too, ideally comes about with a practical relation, e.g. in a company, and so may be used in practice straight away.

This close co-operation entails numerous benefits for all involved and facilitates the transition from studies into professional life.

Even during the corona crisis, we offer our lectures online, using various digital services and options.


Faculty: Business Studies & Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
:Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Study location
: Aachen
Prescriped period of study: 3 semestesr (90 credit points)
Beginning of studies
: Summer semester
Application: directly at FH Aachen
Admission restriction: NC
Places: ca. 25 | year
Admission requirements: Admission requires subject-related aptitude.
Language of courses: German / English
Study costs: Social and student body contribution



Admission regulations

Zugangsordnung (ZO) Industrial Engineering (3-semestrig) | Lesbare Fassung

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Examination regulations

Prüfungsordnung (PO) Industrial Engineering (3-semestrig) | Lesbare Fassung

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