The Degree Program

General Information

  • The course is taught in English. It teaches methods and techniques in the field of powertrain and body engineering and deepens the fundamentals of engineering science. The programme is accredited by the accreditation authority AQAS.

  • A high degree of practical relevance is ensured because lecturers have many years of experience in industry or large-scale research and study as well as thesis projects are conducted with partners from industry and research institutions.

  • The Master's degree programme has been offered since 2014/15. It can be studied in a 3 semester variant (Master of Science, M.Sc.) or 4 semester variant (dual degree with RMIT).

  • Students participating in the dual degree programme spndt the first two semesters in Aachen and the following two at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia. They are awarded both the M.Sc. and M.Eng. degrees.
  • Students have a free choice of subjects from two module catalogues: "General Automotive Engineering", "Advanced Automotive Engineering" catalogues. Further qualifications oriented towards the qualification profile of future engineers are project management, data management, the operation of test facilities and the development of software for virtual product development. The programme concludes with a project-related master thesis and a colloquium.

  • If students choose one of the two focus areas "Vehicle powertrain application" or "Vehicle simulation", sample curricula exist allowing an overlap-free study with a free choice of subjects.

  • The programme is highly successful: in 2018, 89% of Master´s graduates held firm employment within 6 months after graduation; 81% in industry (istat, 2018)

The programme at a glance

Degree Programme: International Automotive Engineering
Degree: Master of Science
Access to Further Studies: PhD Study
Prescribed Period of Study: 3 semesters (90 Credits) or 4 semesters with Dual Degree (120 Credits)
Student Registration: for Summer and Winter Term
Admission Restriction: Numerus Clausus (Local NC)
directly through the university
Language of Instruction: English
Tuition Fee: no tuition fee
Place of Study: Aachen (or Aachen and Melbourne for Dual Degree)
Semester Fee: All students must pay the social fee/contribution to the students' union executive committee. More information can be found

Vehicle Integration -
From individual modules to a functioning whole vehicle

Vehicle Integration Teams keep an eye on the entire development process. Thereby organizing projects in an economical manner is just as important as fulfilling all technical requirements. Read More


Vehicle Simulation -
From the first planning idea to a functional, virtual prototype

Technical Calculation Teams ensure that functional requirements for individual vehicle modules are fulfilled all the way through the whole vehicle, prior even to construction of the first prototype. Read More

Powertrain Application -
Integrated solutions for tomorrow’s demands

In Testing Laboratories, virtual simulation results of automotive powertrains (engine and transmission) are tested and validated under real conditions. Whether single assemblies or the whole powertrain are tested, testing equipment enables to simulate any possible impact on the powertrain later on in real life situations. Read More