Profile and Target Group


Entrepreneurship |
Learn to think like an entrepreneur - entrepreneurial! Entrepreneurs recognise opportunities but also know how to deal with risks. Entrepreneurs evaluate and open up new fields of action in companies.

Whether start-up or established, companies are only successful in the long run if they are, and remain, innovative. This is because they are prepared to break new ground when the time comes. Ultimately, entrepreneurship is the basis for long-term success - in every company.


Management and Executive Board |
The further education is aimed at professionals with an academic background and the career objective of management. They acquire the knowledge and competences to assume responsibility in management and, if necessary, in the executive board of a company as well.

Business successors are prepared to successfully master the diverse tasks involved in a takeover and to ensure that the business taken over can maintain its position in the market in the long term. Potential business founders receive the necessary business management knowledge, the required soft skills and contacts for the successful start and operation of their company.

One of the first MBA degree programmes in Germany |
Benefit from our experience: The first year of the Master's degree programme "Management and Entrepreneurship MBA" started as early as 2002 - as one of the very first extra-occupational MBA degree programmes in Germany! Since then, the profile of the degree programme at the Düren location has been continuously fine-tuned and adapted to the needs of the students.

Practical Relevance |
More than thirty lecturers from science and business practice take an active part in the extra-occupational MBA degree programme "Management and Entrepreneurship", passing on their specialist knowledge and wide-ranging experience to the students. Business knowledge as well as management methods and instruments are taught.

Extra-occupational Master's Degree Programme |
The degree programme "Management and Entrepreneurship MBA" is offered at Faculty 8: Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. The participants are students of FH Aachen. The MBA degree programme is a cooperation between the Aachen Institute of Applied Sciences e. V. (AcIAS) and the FH Aachen.  AcIAS e. V. is a non-profit association and was founded with the purpose of promoting scientific further education at FH Aachen.