Structure and Contents of the Degree Programme

The degree programme is made up of compulsory and elective modules. The courses with obligatory attendance in Düren are particularly formative as they allow for intensive interaction between students and lecturers.

The range of courses comprises seven compulsory modules, which comprise a total of 33 individual courses with varying hours. In the third half year, students eventually choose from a total of ten elective modules and, thereby, set personal priorities.

Structure of the Degree Programme

Compulsory Modules

1. Personality Development

  • Complexity management
  • Communication techniques
  • Personality analysis

2. Accounting

  • Bookkeeping
  • External accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Corporate finance
    (incl. financial mathematics)

3. Business Studies

  • Marketing
  • Production-, personnel-
    and work economics
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Controlling and budget

4. Corporate Management

  • Fundamentals of management
  • Corporate strategic planning simulation
  • Application project

5. Law and Taxes

  • Essentials of the BGB (German Civil Code)
  • Essentials of the HGB (German Commercial Code)
  • Company law
  • Corporate taxes
  • Labour law, co-determination
  • Patent law

6. Management Processes

  • Service management
  • Change management with
    application project
  • IT management
  • Personnel management

7. Entrepreneurship

  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Innovation management
  • Acquisition of start-up capital
  • Digital transformation
  • Business plan
  • Tax aspects of company
    foundation and -succession
  • Marketing 4.0
  • Economic ethics and compliance
  • Economic promotion and
    business start-up
  • Company restructuring
  • Analysis of start-ups (presentation)

Elective Modules

8.1 Innovation management
8.2 Economic and business ethics
8.3 Business setup and development
8.4 Service management and engineering
8.5 Intercultural management
8.6 Development of innovative business models
8.7 Customer management
8.8 Project management
8.9 Production management

Master Project

The profile of the degree programme is strongly characterised by the Master Project. In the process, students learn to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities and develop a feeling for innovation and opportunity. The possibility of including a company representative as supervisor of the Master's thesis and as second evaluator results in a combined Teaching-Coaching concept in which graduates can train, among other things, management, leadership skills, team building, team spirit and market orientation very well. Further information on the process of writing a Master's thesis in the MBA degree programme Management and Entrepreneurship can be obtained from the Pxamination Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.