Mechanical Engineering B.Eng.

In today's global marketplace, an international education is an important investment in the future. As rapidly advancing technologies continue to strengthen the ties between nations, more and more companies require employees whose skills go beyond the scientific. They are looking for professionals capable of contributing to the global exchange of ideas Read more about the IOS Programm

Good for climate, good for the carrer:

Develop new energy technology like solar power plant and fuel cell. Improve the efficiency of power plants and help to redurce the global CO2 emission. With a mechanical engineering study you can put your foundation to your dream job in new energy period. Mehr zum Studiengang

How do we transport the energy of the stormy north to the sunny south? Which emission arise in coal-fired power plants? How do we dismantle an atomic power plant? Do we build a new power plant? In the fifth semester you can descide which topic you prefer the most and you can choose an area of specialization: Energy Technology, Environmental Technology, Nuclear Technologies Details zu Studieninhalten