Sprachenzentrum at the FH Aachen

Language Center at the FH Aachen

The FH Aachen Language Center offers language courses and examinations at several academic levels in Aachen, Jülich, Linnich and Geilenkirchen. At all sites there are consultation and counselling facilities for students and applicants. Click here for more information.

Click for the homepage of the Sprachenakademie Aachen, which runs the FH Aachen Language Center.

Department of International Affairs



The Mensa offers warm menus, soups, snacks, drinks and desserts. The opening hours and the current menu plan of the Mensa are on the website of the Studentenwerk.  

To the menu plan of the Mensa in Jülich               | Website of the Studentenwerk 


Student Council

Students in Germany are organized in different groups, including the Jülich Student council "Fachschaft". The student council is elected by the students of each department once a year. The function of the "Fachschaft" is to help the students with all kinds of academic problems. To the website of the student council


Kindergarten/Day Care

Being a parent and studying at the same time is never easy. In order to lighten the burden on parents who are also students, the Studentenwerk Aachen runs a child care center at the FH Aachen, Jülich Campus.  The child care center “In der Wolkennest” (“in the nest of clouds”) is run by trained preschool caregivers who care for your children as well as help them grow and develop their own personalities.

Kindergarten Wolkennest at Campus Jülich