The Degree Programme

Degree Programme Profile

Planning and constructing "smart" buildings requires close cooperation between construction, electrical engineering, information and energy technology as well as technical building services. Specialist planners, building contractors, suppliers, service providers, administration and politics are in urgent need of qualified new talent in the field of building services. The new degree programme Smart Building Engineering, which has been offered since autumn 2018, trains precisely these young professionals.

Study Content and Career Prospects
The Smart Building Engineer is an important component in interdisciplinary planning teams made up of architects and specialist planners. He is in a position to implement the diverse requirements of modern buildings (design, construction, technical equipment and system integration) in technically, aesthetically and economically optimised building services solutions.

It is possible to integrate a semester abroad or a practical semester into your studies.

Full-Time Degree Programme
This is a full-time degree programme.

Pre-Study Practical Training
Proof of practical work in relevant sectors of building services, construction, architecture or energy technology, consisting of an 8-week practical training period, is a requirement for the admission to the course of study.

Sequence of Studies
The seven-semester degree programme is divided into the four-semester core studies (1st - 4th semester), two-semester specialisation studies (5th - 6th semester) as well as a final semester (practical project, Bachelor's thesis and colloquium).

The core studies comprise the following areas:

  • "basic skills" (e.g. mathematics and modern planning methods such as CAD and building information modeling)
  • "buildings" (e.g. building construction, structural engineering)
  • "systems & engineering" (e.g. thermodynamics, fundamentals of measurement and control technology and building automation as well as energy technology).

In the specialisation studies, students can expect compulsory modules and electives. In addition, there is an overarching project each semester that is worked on in close cooperation with companies from the region. The modules are designed in such a way that, in addition to conveying specialist content, they promote the personal development of the students, for example in the areas of creativity and teamwork.

Fields of Activity

  • Building contractors
  • Planning offices
  • Service companies for technical building services
  • Energy sector
  • Companies that develop and manufacture components and facilities
  • Public administration (real estate management)


Fachbereich 1 Architektur

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Markus Hermann
Bayernallee 9
52066 Aachen
Room 02121
T: +49.241.6009 51161
F: +49.241.6009 51205

Fachbereich 2 Bauingenieurwesen

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Döring
Bayernallee 9
52066 Aachen
Room 01311
T: +49.241.6009 51213
F: +49.241.6009 51206

Fachbereich 5 Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gregor Krause
Eupener Str. 70
52066 Aachen
Room E 021
T: +49.241.6009 52145
T: +49.241.6009 52139
F: +49.241.6009 52121

Lehrgebiet: Anlagen- und Apparatebau

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Groß
Bayernallee 9
52066 Aachen
Room 02309
T: +49.241.6009 51224
M: +.49.178 1495331
F: +49.241.6009 51206


Broschüre Smart Building Engineering
Prüfungsordnung Bachelorstudiengang Smart Building Engineering
Prüfungsordnung für den Bachelorstudiengangs Smart Building Engineering