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Working as a business lawyer

Working as a business lawyer


As a business lawywer you work at the interface between business and law. Working as an attorney and judge is not possible, to do so you’d have to complete classic law studies. Your future employers are in the fields of industry, trade and services. Next to working in a typical company, it is also possible for you to work in a tax, auditing firm, or in management consultancy, a bank or insurance company, a financial institution or financial servcie company, trade associations or economic chambers, a real-estate firm or public administration. If companies are insolvent or go bankrupt, we speak of a so-called insolvency. This is managed by an official liquidator, who finally decides if the company is restructured or liquidated. You can support the liquidator in this or take on this position yourself at a later point in time. 


Working as a business lawyer is a good alternative for you if you‘re interested in law but don‘t want to work as an attorney or judge and would like to additionally deal with business-related topics 

After studying, you‘re qualified to prepare and implement commercial procedures and managerial decisions on a legal scale. The tasks of business lawyers are very versatile:


> Setting up agreements of any kind (e.g. sales, rental and service, loan and work contracts)

> Contract mangagement, such as the preparation of contract conclusions

> Tasks involving liquidations and company takeovers

> Conducting negociations, e.g. with suppliers or customers

> Contact for legal issues

> Legal advice for national and international projects

> Settlements of claims or drafting of contracts or tarifs at insurance companies.

> Supporting competition, brand or licence law matters

> Tasks in tax planning and advising

> Co-operation in or complete conducting of insolvency administrations.


This exemplary listing goes to show that you can assume demanding specialised and managerial tasks after completing your studies.