Preliminary Courses and Getting Started

Important Dates in the First Semester

  • Voluntary block course "Preliminary Course in Mathematics" (30.08.-10.09.21)
  • Compulsory block course "Mathematical Foundations for Engineering Sciences" (13.09.-24.09.21)
  • Compulsory for First Semester Students: Self-Management in Studies (date to follow)

Details of whether the courses will be held online or in attendance on-site are still to be announced.


Preliminary Course in Mathematics

The preliminary course is designed for all first-year students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Within the framework of the preliminary course, topics of school mathematics are revisited and refreshed and, in addition, fundamental mathematical principles are taught. In this way, the preliminary course bridges the gap between school mathematics and university mathematics. Furthermore, it offers students the opportunity to get to know the university, teaching staff and fellow students in advance.

Morning lectures and exercises on the various topics take place in a large group. In the afternoons, tutorials are offered where the material covered can be studied in greater depth in smaller groups.
The tutorials will probably take place in the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. More detailed information will be provided in the course.

The online bridging course OMB+ ( will also help you prepare for our degree programmes.


Course "Mathematical Foundations for Engineering Sciences

The course "Mathematical Foundations for Engineering Sciences", MGI for short (Mathematische Grundlagen für Ingenieurwissenschaften), is an advanced course which serves as a basis for later modules in the degree programme. The contents of MGI are required in the module "Mathematics 1" as well as passing the written examination at the end of the course. Participation in the course is voluntary, whereas the written exam is compulsory.

For self-assessment, you will receive some sample problems with solutions on topics that you will be taught in the preliminary course and knowledge of which is a prerequisite in the "Mathematical Foundations" examination and later in the "Mathematics 1" module.

Registration for the courses is only necessary for "Self-Management in Studies"!