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Research Day

This year's Research Day will take place on 21.03.2019.
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Start of the summer semester 2019

Please note the start of lectures for the summer semester 2019 on Monday, 25.03.2019.

WDR broadcasts article about FH project (FB6) on innovative aircraft concepts

Up to 80 percent less fuel consumptionAs part of the NASA/DLR Design Challenge, a team from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, consisting of the students René Rings, Jakob Roth, Nils Böhnisch, René Maasmeier and Christian Szepanski, has developed an innovative concept for passenger aircraft that can reduce energy consumption in air traffic by up to 80 percent. WDR accompanied the FH Aachen team for one day and produced a television report that was broadcast this week in Aachen local time.

You're able to watch it here:

For the team, which is advised by Prof. Braun, Prof. Havermann and Prof. Janser and supervised by the PhD students Falk Götten and Felix Finger, the main challenge is to be able to apply the learned theory in practice and to work out a preliminary design draft in addition to their studies. They want to get to know alternative technologies, discuss their applicability in a team and develop a joint solution for the task at hand.(Team Press Office)

Applications for our study courses are now possible

Important note on the AK courses

All students: Please read the following document carefully!

Publication: Lighter than air

More than 230 years ago, the era of "lighter-than-air" began in aviation.

The pioneers of ballooning were inspired by observations in nature and its surroundings. They only had their craftsmanship and experience with well-known materials.

When ballooning experienced an unexpected upswing in the 1990s, the Federal Aviation Authority awarded extensive research contracts. The topics were product safety, driving behaviour and quality control.

Aachen University of Applied Sciences took over the majority of these scientific tasks and test drives. This elaboration is based on the wish to present the balloon flight and the scientific work of the FH Aachen under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Willi Hallmann (retired) to the interested reader in a clear and understandable form.
Interested parties can download the publication here.


The research areas of the FH Aachen are diverse.
This brochure provides an insight into the work of the scientists and introduces the most important people and their projects.
Just click on it and gain an insight into the research at the FH Aachen.

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