Questions and answers for prospective Students

Can I apply for an undergraduate degree programme and hand in my higher education entrance qualification later?

The school part of the higher education entrance qualification (A-levels or equivalent) cannot be handed in later. Only if a practical part needs to presented yet as part of the higher educatioin entrance qualification can the practical part be handed in later (beginning of studies in the summer semester by 31st March, in the winter semester by 30th September).

Do applicants with a foreign entrance qualification have to have sufficient German language skills before taking up studies?

Yes. Already before taking up studies in a German speaking programme, applicants must prove sufficient German skills, e.g.  the German Language Test for University Entrance (DSH-2).

What has been the Numerus Clausus in recent semesters?

In limited admission study programmes places are allocated by Numerus Clausus (NC). NC stands as a synonimous for "admission limited“. This means that no all applicants can receive a place if there are more applicants  than places. You can learn on the following site what the NC has been in recent semster.| Continue reading

Do tuition fees stil exist?

Study fees no longer have to be paid. . However, there still is a social and student body contribution, also called semester contribution. This mandatory contribution must be paid each semester by all full time students.

What the contribution is paid for and what advantages it brings, you can read on the website of the Registrar's Office under the heading Social and studient bosy contribution including semester ticket.

Can I register for an undergraduate programme and hand in my proof of internship later?

Registration can be effected with conditions if it can be secured that the missing weeks of internship can be furnished by the deadline (31st March for beginning of studies in the summer semester, 30th March for the winter semester)  at the latest.

The registration under reservation cannot be effected if the higher education entrance qualification cannot be proven without the internship.

Can I have my academic achievements recognised?

If you have earned academic achievements at another university or in another study programme at our university we can check if they could be recognised.
Please contact Melanie Reinders from our academic counseling service.

For more information, please read our Information about recognitions.

Can I continue my studies at the Faculty of Business Studies or start anew if I have ultimately failed an exam in a business degree programme at another university?

Applicants who have ultimately failed an exam in a third attempt at a university or university or applied sciences in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme such as Business Studies, International Business, International Management, Business Administration, Economics or any other similar or comparable study programme cannot be registered. 

Can I receive a university place if I have no university entrance qualification or a university of applied sciences entrance qualification?

The federal state of NRW has rearranged university access for persons who are not going to or haven’t acquired university or university of applied sciences entrance qualification and thus their possibilities of study. Please find more information about that on the respective study programme pages under the heading “Application”.

Can I combine the degree programme Business Studies Plus with professions other than specified in the examination?

No. We are sorry to say that this is not possible.

Can I also do a vocational training in a company that has no co-operation agreement with FH Aachen?

Under certain circumstances, that is possible. If you receive a trainee place in one of the accepted trainee professions and the company is willing to sign a co-operation agreement with us, it is possible.

How can I apply and what prerequisites must I meet?

How to apply for a study programme, what admission conditions you must meet and how the application process proceeds, you will learn on the respective pages of the studiy programmes

Next to the formal prerequisites, you should have good mathematical understanding, joy of foreign languages, and interest in business and economics topics. Furthermore, the study programme requires self initiative, self discipline and the ability to work in a  team. For the international programmes, you should have the additional markings of flexibility and mobility.

Are there preparatory courses for first semester students?

Before the regular start of studies you get to freshen up your knowledge in the areas of bookkeeping and mathematics in our preparatory courses so that it will become easier for you to follow the regular lectures.

In addition to that, we provide for a good start of studies by offering a programme consisting of information sessions, mentor meetings and orientation week.

I am not sure whether business studies is the right thing for me. Can I attend lectures before studies?

The Faculty of Business offers information days on four days per year. On these days, you receive information about our study programmes and get to attend lectures.

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