For students

You are studying at the Faculty of Business or have just been admitted? On this page, we have compiled the most important information for students. If you have any more questions, our Academic Counselling Services will help you.

Information at the beginning of studies - Bachelor

New people, a new environment and a new phase of life. To make the beginning of studies easier for you we offer you a versatile program, ranging from prep courses and orientation days to mentor meetings. | Continue reading

Information at the beginning of studies - Master

Although the procedures of university life are already familiar from the bachelor's degree programme, we have also compiled information for our new master's students about the start of their studies, which should make it easier to get started at FH Aachen. | Continue reading

Information for current students

After you have successfully studied during the first semesters, from the fourth semester onward, you get to choose areas of specialisation according to your interests. Learn more about registrations and the how to proceed with your final exams.  | Continue reading

Exams and certificates


No one can dodge exams while studying. At the end of every semester, there are the so-called examination periods. You have to register in advance in order to be able to sit exams. | Continue reading

General information

Benefit from the University offerings, such as university sport, the Career Service, the Registrar's Office, the Data Processing Centre, and psychosocial counseling. | Continue reading

Student Commitment

Show what you're made of. Wether to build community spirit, for sporting motivation or professional interest: students who want to get involved besides studying have plenty of opportunities to do so.  | Continue reading


The library at the Eupener Straße campus offers you a large inventory of scientific literature and provides a zone for quiet learning and writing scientific papers.  | Continue reading

Internal Area

The university offers various platforms, such as ILIAS, Campus Office and SAM. You can only access these sites if you have a university account | Continue reading

Download Center

In our Download Centre you find all important application forms and information for you to download. | Continue reading

Liaison professor

The first contact for deficiencies and problems in the area of teaching and study organization is the liaison professor | Continue reading