Exam Inspection

Inspections of the exams of the september term 2019 will not begin before 30.09.2019. The Examination Office publishes the inspection dates of the exams of the Faculty of Business from core studies (bachelor’s courses) as well as the exams of the master’s courses. The list will be updated regularly.

If you have any questions to ask to the examiners and they are not present, tell the administrative assistant immediately after the inspection so that your exam paper can be forwarded to the examiners.

There are no other special inspection dates available.

The purpose of the inspection is to complain about any marking errors and not to learn something from the exam for the future.

Inspection covers the exam itself, including correction and point systems. Sample solutions are not part of the documents to inspect.

It is up to the discretion of the examiner whether the inspection is carried out under exam conditions, i.e. without bringing bags, writing materials, smartphones etc...


Inspection by Proxy

Should you be unavailable for some important reason on one of the dates published by us, you can appoint a proxy. The proxy has to present the following proof:

Presentation of transcript of records showing that the proxy has already passed the exam in question.

  • Power of attorney in writing (not in digital form)
  • More than one power of attorney per person will not be accepted.
  • Only one exam paper per person will be handed out.

Termine Einsichtnahmen Anfang Wintersemester 2019/20 Inspection Dates Exams September term 2019/20

Prüfung/exam Datum/date Uhrzeit/time Raum/room
Informationsmanagement für Wirtschaftsinformatik 30.09. W112

Für folgende Prüfungen wenden Sie sich bitte an den Dozenten/Please contact your lecturer for the following exams::

Prüfung/module Dozent/lecturer E-Mail
Wirtschaftsprivatrecht 2, Klausur Frings Prof. Frings frings@fh-aachen.de