General information

Benefit from the many offers provided by FH Aachen. We gladly give you an overview and have compiled the most important links.

University sports

Who wants to get fit through studies is at the right place at university sports. From aerobics to football to Zumba, the university sports centre provides wide-ranging options. | Continue reading

Career Service

The Career Service of FH Aachen provides for a good start into professional live with its broad offers. Next to personal advice it offers several events and creates opportunities to make contact with companies. | Continue reading

Registrar's Office

Re-Registration, leave and absence, de-registration and FH-Card. You find information on all these topics on the pages of the Registrar's Office.

Data Processing Centre (DVZ)

The Data Processing Centre (DVZ) is the point of contact for the network infrastructure of FH Aachen. The Data Processing Centre (DVZ) offers you support in terms of Wifi on campus, the university account and other services. | Continue reading

Psychosocial Counselling (PSB)

Psychosocial Counselling (PSB) supports students in coping with personal and study-related difficulties or in preparing challenging study or life phases. | Continue reading