Limits on attendance and registration procedure

I. Limitations on attendance

Sadly, in order to secure a sustainable learning success attendance in some courses must be limited according to article 59 of the German University Autonomy Act. In the winter semester 2021/22, this applies to the following courses:

All modules from the catalogue language/social competencies, 73108 Business English (C1), 74604 Wirtschaftsenglisch (B1), 75101 Unternehmensführung mit Planspiel, 75102 Unternehmensführung mit Unternehmensgründung, 75103 Business Management (with business game), 75117 Change and Project Management, 75426 Wirtschaftsdeutsch (B2), 75540 Angewandtes Projektmanagement, 75603 Supply Chain Management (deutsch), 75635 Strategisches Marketing, 75644 International Management Training, 75645 Prozesse im Personalmanagement, 75648 Leadership and Personality, 75649 Entwicklungsprogramm Managementnachwuchs, 75633 Techniken des Online Marketing, 75636 Dialog-Marketing, 75679 International Strategic Problem Solving, 75697 Entrepreneurship in der Praxis, 76741 SAP in der Praxis (only the practial group) as well as 77611 Cross Cultural Competencies

This limitation of the number of participants implies that possibly not every student will get a place in their desired course. Still, students will be prioritised who depend on the attendance of the course as part of their study scheme at this point in time.

In any case, attendance requires a registration. The registration is done via CampusOffice (Choose semester -> WS21 -> Choose study programme -> Choose catalogue -> select desired course from table "Courses" -> To registration procedure.

As of the summer semester 2021, the regulations on the criteria for access to individual courses at the Faculty of Business Studies will come into force (Regulations on the Criteria for Admission to Individual Courses at the Faculty of Business Studies of FH Aachen). These were published on 20.01.2021. The regulations apply exclusively to courses at the Faculty of Business Studies. The regulations in §6a RPO are replaced by the new order.

II. Registration procedure

For safety reasons and due to limited room capacities it is necessary to carry out registrations for all other courses as well.

The registration is done via Campus-Office (Choose Semester -> WS21 -> Choose study programme -> Choose catalogue -> Choose desired course from table "Courses" -> Registration procedure.

Registration dates for all modules

Modules Registration dates
Modules with limitations on attendance August 16, 10 a.m. - August 22, 23:59
Modules in language/social competencies September 06, 10 a.m. - September 12, 23:59
Business Management with Business Game Ludus or TopSim August 16, 10 a.m. - August 22, 23:59
Business Management with Company Foundation August 16, 10 a.m. - August 22, 23:59
Modules without limitations on attendance September 13, 10 a.m. - January 23rd 2022, 23:59 Uhr

If you are only interested downloading the course materials via the e-learning platform (ILIAS), but are not planning to attend the course, please register no sooner than October, 4, 2021.