Information at the beginning of studies

The beginning of your studies brings a lot of new impressions and raises many questions. On the following pages, we provide all freshers and other newbies with the most helpful information necessary for a good start of studies at the Faculty of Business. We wish you a good start into your studies!

You can download the current timetable here.

First courses at the faculty

With our program consisting of prep courses, information sessions, mentor meetings and the orientation week, we provide for a good start of studies. Get to know the Faculty and your fellow students. | Continue reading

Information about recognitions

You would like to have your internship or language skills recognised or have already taken exams or coursework assignments as a university transfer, which you would like to have credited. Then you will find more information on the following pages.  | Continue reading

University account and timetable

Every students reveives a university account at the beginning of studies. This serves to authenticate yourself with various services such as email, WIFI, registration for courses etc. We explain here how to set it up.  | Continue reading

10 Tips for a successful start of studies

Studying marks a new phase of your life. Especially the early phase of study is a new challenge. We give you a few tips for a successful start of studies. | Continue reading

Questions and answers

Here, you find answers to frequently asked questions at the beginning of studies. More questions yet? Then feel free to contact our Academic Counselling Services.  | Continue reading

Freshers Survival Kit

You have started to study at the Faculty of Business and you would like to get to know better the Faculty of Business and our services? Then, our Freshers Survival Kit provides a good overview. | Continue reading

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