New at the faculty

Our scheme consisting of preparatory courses, information sessions, mentor meetings and an orientation week facilitates a good start of studies. Get to know the faculty and your fellow students and get an overview of the most important processes. 

Preparatory courses

Before the regular start of studies, you get to freshen up your knowledge in the areas of bookkeeping and mathematics in our prep courses. This will make it easier for you to follow the regular lectures.  | Continue reading

Information sessions at the beginning of studies

In our information sessions taking place as early as before the orientation week, you will learn how to put together your timetable and what to look out for concerning examination regulations. We also offer sessions for our postgraduate students.  | Continue reading

Courses during the semester

Before you can attend courses during the semester, you will need to release your university account and register for them via the CampusOffice system. | Continue reading

Mentor programme

During the first and second semesters of your undergraduate studies, we put a professor at your side to show you the ropes. They will assist you in case of any questions or problems.  | Continue reading



Orientation week

During the orientation week before the beginning of studies, you get to know your fellow students better. The program is organised by current students, who are getting involved in the Student Counsel and as tutors.  | Continue reading

Freshers Helpers Team

Besides the Academic Counseling Services, there will be a Freshers Helpers Team to support you at the Faculty of Business. Current students answer your questions and support you at the beginning of studies, when everyday university life starts. | Continue reading