Information sessions at the beginning of studies

For undergraduate students

As early as before the orientation week, we offer information session about the beginning of studies. Attendance is volontary and there is no need for registration. Here you can find the timetable with the exact dates of the info sessions.

We explain to you how to set up your time table, expand on examination regulations and inform about the registration process to the courses via Campus Office. The session is offered several times, each having the same content, but varied according to the individual study programmes.

The following content will be explained:

Information session, study plan and examination regulations

How do I put together my own time table?
What are credits?
When do they become important?
Explanations of the range of courses offered
What do I have to look out for in choosing the modules from language/social compentences?
What courses do I have to registger for?
Explanations of the registration procedure in CampusOffice
When do I have to take my first exams?
What prerequisites for exam do I have to take into account?
What consequences may result from the time limit for the exams of the first semester?
What is an improvement attempt?
What rules apply during exams?
What does the mentor programme mean for me?