Preparatory courses

In a business and economics study programme, mathematical and bookkeeping skills are necessary. If you want to freshen up your school knowledge, you have the opportunity to attend preparatory courses. The courses begin ahead of the official start of studies and are volontary. The Faculty of Business offers prep courses in mathematics and bookkeeping.

Registration for the preparatory courses

While not mandatory, registration for the prep courses is highly recommended.

Dates registration prep course:
February 19th, 2020, 10:00 am until March 1st, 2020 midnight

Go to the website https://www and enter your user name and password  the click on Login. Using the page menu you get to the lecture timetable summer semester 2020. Open your study programme and click on the first semester. You will see all the modules offered arranged as a table. Underneath you see the respective course with its associated dates. Open the lecture you are going to register and click on the button "To registration". Once you have registered we advise you to check your status.

The status "Attendance" means: you may attend the chosen course and have access to all accmpanying documents, provided by the lecturers for download.

The status "Attendance requested" means: you are on a waiting place, because the course is fully booked. Check if you can reach the status "Attendance" in one of the parallel courses. If you are not able to do so, please contact soon.

Acknowledgement mail after registration for everybody 

The content of this acknoledgement mail just says that your registration has been recognised by the system. Regarding the actual allocation of an attendance place you will reveive a separate email after the registration process is over. All registrations and de-registrations are binding. If you have registered for a course and change your mind later you will need to immediately de-register and register again if necessary. 



Dates preparatory courses

The preparatory courses are offered several times with the same contents. This means that preparatory course Mathematics M1 corresponds to M2 and M3 and Bookkeeping B1 corresponds to B2. Registration is required for participation. Here you can find the dates.

Mathematics for Business Studies

The prep course Mathematics is designed for beginning students in the bachelor's programmes Business Studies, Global Business and Economics, European Business Studies and International Business Studies. School knowledge in elementary mathematics will be freshened up that are necessary for a successful start of studies covering the following topics:

1. Sets and propositional logic

2. Terms and rewriting terms - calculation rules in the realm of real numbers

3. Equations I (linear equations, quadratic equations, equations of higher-degree equations, fractional        equations

4. Powers and logarithms - terms and equations

5. Functions (elemantory fundamentals, linear and quadratic equations)

6. Percentage calculation

As an alternative to the classroom-based prep course Mathematics we recommend the online prep course OMB+. It is free of charge and can be found under the link There you can register free of charge and the course can be completed at any time. You ought to work thru the following chapters (including all subchapters, excercises, quizzes, trainings and final tests) of that online course by the beginning of studies.

> Elementary calculations

> Equations with one variable (sections 1.,2.,3.,4.,6.)

> Inequations with one variable (sections 1.,2.,3.,4.,6.)

> Linear equation systems (sections 1.,2.,3.) VI. Elementary function (sections 1.1 - 1.3; 2.; 3.1 ; 4.1-
   4.2 ; esp. sections 5.1 - 5.4) 

The accompanying script "Study requirements in elementary mathematics" is available at the copy shop Digitaldruck AixPress, Eupener Str. 35

Bookkeeping for BWL/Business Studies

[Translate to Englisch:] Der Brückenkurs Buchführung richtet sich an Studierende des ersten Semesters in den genannten Bachelor-Studiengängen und wird mehrfach angeboten. Er dient als Vorkurs zur Lehrveranstaltung Buchführung. Für die Teilnahme ist eine Anmeldung erforderlich.


  1. Einführung (Unternehmensprozesse, betriebliches Rechnungswesen)
  2. Die Grundkonzeption der doppelten Buchführung
  3. Die Aufgaben und gesetzlichen Grundlagen der Buchführung
  4. Der Kontenrahmen und der Kontenplan
  5. Die Inventur, das Inventar und die Bilanz
  6. Spezielle Buchungsfälle (Warenein- und -verkauf, Umsatzsteuer)

Zu diesem Kurs sollte vor Beginn das Skript „Brückenkurs Buchführung“ sowie „Übungsaufgaben Brückenkurs Buchführung“ erworben werden.

Verkauf: Fa. Digitaldruck AixPress, Eupener Str. 35.