Registration for courses during the semester

How to register

All courses at the Faculty of Business need to be registered (due to room occupancy planning and access to information)

The registration period starts October 7 2020, at 10am.

Please bear in mind that there are limits to the courses from the catalogue language/social competences. If the courses are fully booked, please register for alternative courses. Any questions will be answered at the information session about CampusOffice.

Go to the web site, log on with your user name and password and click on Login. Via the page menu you get to the lecture timetable of the winter semester 2020. Open your study programme and click on the first semester. Arranged in a table, you see all modules offered. Below you see all the courses with their respective dates. Open the courses you are going to register for and click on the button "To registration''. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Campus.

The content of the confirmation mail just says that your registration has been recongised by the system. You will receive a separate e-mail about the real allocation of a course place after the conclusion of the registration procedure. All registration or de-registrations are binding. If you have registered for a course and you change your mind, you need to de-register straight away within the allowed registration period and re-register, if necessary.

For any registrations you need to have a university account, which you have to release at the beginning of studies.

University account

After your registration at uni you will receive a data sheet from the Registrar's Office containing several certificates of matriculation, the semester ticket and the release data for your university account. Please don't lose time and release your university account quickly because it takes about 24 hours after the release before you can use your university account and especially your e-mail address. You need to use your university account to register e.g. for prep courses or courses during the semester. You need to bear in mind that the university exclusively communicates with you via your university e-mail address for data privacy reasons. According to the registration regulations of FH Aachen you are obliged to check your e-mail account provided by the university regularly (at least once a week) in order to receive documents and messages from FH Aachen.