Information about recognitions

Recognition of internships

In order to be able to study in the programme Business Studies you will have to prove an eight-week internship next to a university entrance qualification. You will find the internships guidelines here. You can forgo the internship if you have passed a relevant vocational education. For the internship to be recognised a certificate must be presented.

Requirements regarding the certificate

The certificate must at least contain the following details:
Name of company, personal details of intern, internship times, Description of kind and scope of activities. The  weekly working hours usual in the industry apply. The submittance of an intership report is not obligatory, but you may be asked to do so in some cases. If you have not completed the internship at the time of the application, you need to submit a document that shows that you will have completed the internship before the beginning of studies (beginning of lectures). You need to add this document to the application of admission or the application of registration. Not later than at the beginning of studies you need to present a certificate covering the whole internship to the Registrar's Office, which contains a recognition note of the Faculty of Business.

During the registration period internship recognistions at the Faculty of Business are made tuesdays and thursdays from 10am until noon. To do so, please contact Silke Speuser (room E214), Melanie Reinders (room E212), Lilith Deutz (room E213) or Nadine Fuchs (room E214).




Recognition of business English

The examination office recognises exams taken at a vocational college or business and administration as study achievements if the following conditions are proved by certificate or any other document of the vocational college.

  1. It must be clearly recognisable that it is an exam of Business English.
  2. The competence level obtained according to the European competence framework for languages must be specified  and at least level B1 and/or B2 and/or C1 (for study programme Business Studies) or  level B2 and/or C1 (for the study programme International Business Studies 3 years - English speaking programme must be proved.
  3. A mark must have been given.
  4. The certificate must not be older than two years at the time of recognition.

Other exams from vocational education are not recognised as study achievements.

If you want to file an application for the recognition of business English submit the pertaining proofs in original and copy to bei Melanie Reinders (room 212), Lilith Deutz (room 213) oder Nadine Fuchs (roomo 214).



Recognition of other exams

You are a university transfer and have passed exams or coursework at an other university. Then, these exams will be recognised to you according to the German Law on Universities, the General Examination Framework as well as the examination regulations of the pertaining study programme. To do so, file an application for the recognition of study achievements and exams with the Examinaton Board of the Faculty of Business.

If you have any more questions, contact Melanie Reinders and make an appointment.

The recognition of study achievements taken abroad is done by the International Faculty Office.