FAQ for beginning students

How do I register for courses?

The registration for courses is done via CampusOffice every semester.

To do so, please enter your user data of your university account of FH Aachen.

Before you register, please read the information about registration deadlines and limitations on attendance. You find an exact description on how to do the registration in the section registration and timetable in CampusOffice.

What do I do if there is no place in the group I chose for a certain course?

Should there be no place in a the group you chose please check if there is another group of this course available and change to that group.

How do I get access to the course materials?

You can find course materials such as scripts and excercise sheets on ILIAS.

You only have access to the materials after you have registered for the respective course in CampusOffice and have received the status "Participation". 

If you have received the status "Request" we ask you to check if there are places available in another group.

From the third lecture week, when all venus are fixed we will change your status to "Participation" so that you have access to all materials.

Are there courses taught in English?

Several courses are aditionally offered in the English language. You find the current range of courses in CampusOffice.

Where do I find the exam dates?

Every year we offer the exmination periods:
> the examination period end of the summer semester will be in June/July,
> the examination period beginning of the winter semester will be in September,
> the examination period end of the winter semester will be in January/February.

You find the current examination dates under the section Current topics and events in the right column under examination timetables.

Where do I get a study certificate?

You can print the study certificate for the current semester yourself via Qis. For all previous semesters you will need to contact the Registrar's Office at 11 Bayernallee.



Where do I get a transcript of records?

You will find transcripts of record in Campus Office under Examination Office-( QIS Registration).

How do I make my timetable?

You make your timetable on the basis of the study plan set out for your degree programme. The study plan is the framework plan for your complete studies and integral part of the examination regulations.

For more information please read the examination regulations for your study programme.


When can I start choosing specialisation modules?

In accordance with the range of courses offered, specialisation modules are to be chosen from the fourth semester onward.

Please note! You are only admitted to the specialisation modules if you have earned at least 80 credit points in core studies.

What are credit points?

Credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are supposed to measure the students' workload. For all universities taking part in ECTS the following applies:

> 60 credit points/year must be earned

> in a 6-semester undergraduate programme, this corresponds to 180 credit points

> in a 7-semester undergraduate programme, this corresponds to 210 credit points



Are there any admission prerequisites for exams?

For certain exams there are admission prerequisites. For example, you have to have passed the course Mathematics for Business and Statistics 1 in order to take Business Mathematics 2 from the second semester and Statistics 2 from the third semester.

You find more admission prerequisites in the examination regulations of your study programme.

How many attempts do I have for an exam in my undergraduate programme?

For every examination in a national undergraduate (bachelor's) programme there are three attempts. In the international undergraduate programmes there are only two attempts. For more information, go to the examination regulations of your study programme.

Can I improve my examination results?

In total, you may improve three passed exams during your studies. The improvement attempt must be taken within three examination periods after the first attempt.

For example, if you have taken an exam in June/July 2016, then you have the last opportunity to improve the result in June/July 2017 (The examination period in September always counts).

What are the things to look out for when taking an exam?

There are special regulations for the realisation of exams regarding for example

> Registration

> Admission

> Withdrawal and illness

> Aids and materials

Please find the current regulations under the section Behaviour during examinations.

Any more questions about other topics? Using this link, you can go to the Overview page of the section "Questions and answers".