Information about areas of specialisation

Admission requirements

You can only take exams in the areas of specialisation when you've earned 80 credit points. This corrensponds to 16 passed exams.

Choosing an area of specialisation

Depending on your study programm and examination regulations you can choose a different number of specialisation modules.

> In Betriebswirtschaft/ Business Studies you need to choose six or seven specialistion modules.

> In the business-law study programmes you can choose five areas of specialisation.

> In the study programme Global Business and Economics you can choose six areas of specialisation.

What modules you can choose is set out in the relevant examination regulations. You find the modules in CampusOffice under the corresponding semester.

You can find an overview of the specialisations expected to be offered in summer semester 2021 here.

Information session about areas of specialisation

In our information session, we answer the following questions: What do I need to know regarding the choice of the specialisation modules? How do I organise the practical project and the bachelor thesis?

Betriebswirtschaft/ Business Studies:

Mittwoch, 20 May 2020 (11.35 - 12.10), Zoom (Melanie Reinders)


Dienstag, 19 May 2020 (11.35-12.10), Zoom (Lilith Deutz)

Global Business and Economics:

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 (11.35-12.10), Zoom (Marie Kloß)

Presentation of the specialisation modules by professors

Once in a semester, professors present the specilisation modules and explain who the modules are suited for and for what professions they prepare for in particular.

In the summer semester 2020 the presentation of the specialisation modules will take place online. The corresponding dates or videos can be found in Ilias below depending on the course of study:

Betriebswirtschaft/Business Studies


Global Business and Economics

Dates presentation specialisation modules business studies, business law and GBE

Datum/Date Uhrzeit/Time SG Vertiefung/specialisation Dozenten/professor
accessible anytime WBS/WIB Recht des Ein-und Verkaufs Prof. Timme
accessible anytime WRB Versicherungsrecht Prof. Timme
accessible anytime WBS/WIB/GBE Vertiefungsrichtung Operations Management Prof. Focke, Prof. Höhne, Prof. Meinecke
Mo, 25.5. 11:35 WBS/WIB Wirtschaftspolitik/International Market & Sector Ananlysis Prof. Fredebeul-Krein
Mo, 25.5. 13:50 GBE International Market & Sector Ananlysis Prof. Fredebeul-Krein
Di, 26.5. 11:35 WBS/WRB Vertiefungsrichtung Finanzmanagement Prof. Schmitz, Prof. Stephan
Di, 26.5. 13:50 GBE Topics in International Economics Prof. Bernecker
Mi, 27.5. 11:35 WBS/WRB/GBE Vertiefungsrichtung Steuern und Steuerrecht Prof. Knüppel, Prof. Utzerath, Prof. Vogt
Mi, 27.5. 13:50 WBS/WIB Vertiefungsrichtung Controlling Prof. Frohn, Prof. Stippel
Do, 28.5. 11:35 WBS/WIB Vertiefungsrichtungen Organisation und Personal Prof. Fritz, Prof. Weßling
Do, 28.5. 13:50 GBE specialisation modules Human Resources Prof. Fritz, Prof. Weßling
Fr, 29.5. 11:35 WRB Immobilienwirtschaftsrecht Dr. Neumann
Fr, 29.5. 13:50 WRB Mergers & Aquisitions Dr. Carstens
Di, 2.6. 11:35 WBS Entrepreneurship - Methoden und Instrumente; Unternehmensgründung Prof. Chwallek
Di, 2.6. 13:50 WBS/GBE Economics of Innovation Prof. Janz
Di, 2.6. 13:50 WBS/WRB Projektmanagement Prof. Schulte-Zurhausen
Mi, 3.6. 11:35 WBS/WRB Erbrecht und Erbschaftssteuerrecht Prof. Knüppel, Prof. Kroll-Ludwigs
Mi, 3.6. 13:50 WBS/WIB Techniken des Online Marketings Prof. Vieth
Do, 4.6. 11:35 WBS/WIB/WRB Vertiefungsrichtungen Rechnungslegung und Wirtschaftsprüfung Prof. Bassen-Metz, Prof. Bracht, Prof. Schneider
Do, 4.6. 11:35 WBS/WIB Vertiefungsrichtung Management Science Prof. Maercker, Prof. Weigand
Do, 4.6. 13:50 WRB Gesellschaftsrecht II Prof. Kroll-Ludwigs
Do, 4.6. 13:50 WBS Unternehmensgründung Prof. Chwallek
Do, 4.6. 13:50 GBE Business Analysis Prof. Tran
Fr, 5.6. 11:35 WBS/WIB Arbeitsrecht Prof. Olbertz
Fr, 5.6. 13:50 WRB Arbeitsrecht und Sozialrecht Prof. Olbertz
Fr, 5.6. 11:35 GBE specialisation field finance Prof. Schmitz, Prof. Stephan
Fr, 5.6. 13:50 WBS International Business Environment Prof. Müller-Oestreich
Di, 9.6. 13:50 WBS Vertiefungsrichtung Industriegütervertrieb Prof. Pietsch