Student Council

Students of higher semesters commit themselves in the Student Council of the Faculty of Business Studies and they are your contact point if you have questions, problems, suggestions, criticism and complaints regarding your studies, which you would like to discuss from student to student.

The Student Council is personally available for you during the break between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm as well as 13.45.and 14.15 in room E036 and is also available by email (fsr-fb7(at) or Facebook.

The Student Council's tasks include:

First semester work

In order to facilitate a good start into studies for first semester students the Student Council organises a versatile programme during the orientation week and a first semester weekend.

Liaison students

If you're looking for a contact for a personal matter or feeling you're free to contact the Student Council. The liaison students are sworn to secrecy.

Stationary (LMR)

During the indicated breaks you can purchase all necessary stationary at the office of the Student Council.

Committee work

The student council represents the studenets of the Faculty of Business Studies in numerous committees to guarantee students a right of co-determination in the shaping and development of the department.


Fun shouldn't be neglected. Therefore the Student Council organises parties for the students of the faculty.