Cosmopolitanism, understanding and interest in languages, cultures and living environments of other countries play an important role at the Faculty of Business Studies. With more than 80 partner universities worldwide, we have a large international network at our disposal. Every year ca. 120 of our students spend  part of their study period abroad. Many of them take the opportunity to gain a double degree. On the other hand, there are more than 100 visiting students, whom we welcome at the faculty year by year. On the following pages, we provide you with information concerning the topic of study abroad, how to become a visiting student at the Faculty of Business Studies, what requirements you must meet to study internationally and how to gather inter-cultural experience yet in Germany.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the  International Faculty Office.

Study abroad

Broaden your horizon and delve into other languages and cultures. A stay abroad is a great academic and personal enrichment. Here, you can learn more about your semester abroad.

Incoming Students - Business

We welcome our Incoming Students at the Business Faculty of FH Aachen University of Applied Science. Thank you for your interest in an exchange stay at our Faculty. We hope to provide you with all of the neccessary information. | read more


You`d like to make international contacts, train your foreign language skills and gather intercultural experience. Then commit yourself to our Buddy Program or in CIBS.

Summer & Winter Schools at Partner Universities

Extend your resumé with a unique stay abroad. Through our large worldwide network of partner universities you have access to international Summer & Winter Schools.

International degree programmes

Our offering of study courses comprises international undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study with double degrees. Interested? Then learn more on the web pages of our various degree programmes.

Faculty Office

Your contact for all things international is the International Faculty Office. Here, the coordination of the international relations of the faculty and course guidance are effected.