List of Courses


The FH Aachen Faculty of Business Studies offers a wide range of business courses. Our degree programmes cover the fundamentals of business studies and, at the same time, allow students to deepen their knowledge by choosing a specialisation. Lectures and seminars at the FH Aachen are held in German and in English. Please coordinate with your home university to decide on the number of courses you have to complete during your exchange studies. Students at the FH Aachen, as well as Incoming Students, usually accomplish 30 ECTS per semester (this corresponds roughly to six courses). Bachelor courses are worth 5 ECTS, master courses 6 ECTS.

Please note that bachelor students are not allowed to take master courses.

During the winter term courses out of semester 1 (year 1) and semester 3 (year 2) of the the bachelor programme Global Business and Economics are taught. Specialisations of semester 5 (year 3) differ from year to year. Whereas courses of semester 2 (year 1) and semester 4 (year 2) are offered in the summer term only. Please check the programmes study content. As some courses have limited seats, we cannot assure that students can be allocated a place in those classes.

Master courses are only taught in English during the summer term, courses of the winter term are available in German only! 

Business Courses

The following business courses are taught in English

Winter term 2020/2021

Bachelor: Please check the english taught GBE programmmes website for courses out of semester 1 (year 1) and 3 (year 2). Due to the corona virus pandemic, the first semester out of the GBE programme will be taught completely online during the winter term 2020/2021.

The final course list will be available during summer 2020. All incoming students will be notified by e-mail once courses are fix.

Summer term 2020

Bachelor: Courses in English

Master: Courses in English

Winter term 2019/2020

Bachelor: Courses in English

All nominated students should have a good level of written and spoken English to ensure that they can follow lectures and complete written and oral assignments. We recommend a level of B2.

For Business courses taught in German, please check the study content of the programme Business Studies (Betriebswirtschaft). Level B2 in German is recommended as well.

German Language Courses

All exchange students have the opportunity to learn German during their studies at the FH Aachen. After successfully completing such a course, students will get 5 ECTS for each. The German courses that are usually available are:

1. German Intensive Courses before the semester starts (March/September)

2. German courses during the semester

3. Business German course (Wirtschaftsdeutsch, Level B1-B2) during the semester

All language courses are free of charge.

Other Language Courses

In addition to a German language course, you may also attend one of the other language courses. Not all courses are offered each semester:

Business English (B1, B2, C1)

Business French (B2, C1)

Business Spanish (B2, C1)

Academic Writing Workshop C1 (good preparation for writing the final thesis)

Learning Agreement

Please download the Learning Agreement, complete it with your course selection, have it signed by your home university and send it back to us.