Recognition and other formalities

Recognition of studies abroad

When you get a positive response for a university place at a university abroad it has to be clarified before the semester abroad starts which exams taken abroad can be recognised. You are therefore asked to list a precise choice of selectable modules, taking into account the resepective content and the attaining ECTS credit points. After a check by the  International Faculty Office a contract, a so-called "Learning Agreement" between the student and the partner university is prepared, which lists all the modules that are going to be recognised. As the various countries use different grades you find a conversion table  hiere between the German and the foreign grading system.

Other formalities


Please enquire in good time before your planned stay abroad whether you need a visa for your host country. You should enquire at the embassy or consulate of the host country about the necessity or the modalities of applying a visa. Please keep in mind: as an exchange student you are not travelling as a tourist, so the simplyfied touristic entrance requirements do not apply for students. 

You find more information at the consulates or embassies, German Foreign Office as well as the DAAD.



For your stay abroad, the International Office can issue certificates for 

> Financial authorities and and Office for the promotion of education

> Foundations

> Application of a visa

> Partner universities  or foreign authorities (e.g. application of housing benefits in France)

We issue other certificates on request

You do not need the certificate required by the AStA for exemption from the contribution for the semester ticket. The IFO regularly informs the AStA about the students who are going abroad.

Semester re-registration

The semester fee needs to be paid as usual. Exams can still be taken at the Department of Economics.


For the duration of your stay abroad, you must ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage. You should ensure the continuation of insurance coverage and ask for the conditions of the host university. Within Europe, every student is insured through German health insurance and must therefore always have their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them. Before going abroad, please find out whether this also applies to your health insurance company. If other European countries are not covered by your insurance, every major health insurance company offers additional international health insurance.

Outside of Europe, we recommend taking out travel health insurance. Some universities (e.g. in the USA) also offer their own insurance, about which you will be informed if necessary.

Registration Office

According to the State Office, you are obliged to deregister at the registration office if you stay abroad for more than three months. This also applies if the rental contract in Aachen has not been terminated. Failure to comply with this deregistration from the registration office can result in a warning fee.