Study as an Exchange Student @ the Faculty of Business Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Business Studies at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Thank you for your interest in a stay at our faculty. We hope to provide you with all the neccessary information. If you have any further questions, please contact our International Faculty Office.

A student exchange agreement between your university and the FH Aachen is required if you want to become an exchange student at the Business Faculty. Please contact the international office of your home university to find out if an agreement exists or check our list of partner universities for more details. 

Academic Calendar Winter Term 2017/2018

Official Start and End of Winter Term: September 1st 2017 - February 28th 2018
German Intensive Course: September 13th - 28th 2017
First and last day of Lectures: October 16th 2017 - January 26th 2018
Reading Week: November 20th - 24th 2017 (no lectures)
Exam registration: November 20th - December 11th
Exam period: January 29th - February 16th 2018

Academic Calendar Summer Term 2018

Official Start and End of Summer Term: March 1st 2018 - July 31st 2018
German Intensive Course: March 7th - 21st 2018
First and last day of Lectures: April 3rd - July 6th 2018
Reading Week: May 22nd - 25th 2018 (no lectures)
Exam registration: May 22nd - June 8th 2018
Exam period: July 9th - 27th 2018

Academic Calendar Winter Term 2018/2019

Official Start and End of Winter Term: September 1st 2018 - February 28th 2019
German Intensive Course: approx. September 13th - 28th 2018
First and last day of Lectures: October 8th 2018 - January 25th 2019
Reading Week: November 19th - 23rd 2018 (no lectures)
Exam registration: November 19th - December 3rd 2018
Exam period: January 28th - February 15th 2019




Why choose the Faculty
of Business Studies?

The international surrounding, a top-ranked university and a student-oriented city are only some reasons for studying at our faculty as an exchange student. Click here for even more reasons.

Application Process

Get ready for your studies at the Faculty of Business Studies! Click on the following link to learn more about the application process.

List of Courses

The Faculty of Business Studies offers a wide range of business courses. Here you can get information on courses available for exchange students in Bachelor's and Master's degrees programmes.

Student Support Service

As an exchange student, you will certainly have plenty of questions regarding your stay in Aachen. The student support service will help you get started more easily and become accustomed to student life in Aachen.

Student voices

Curious about what former exchange students have to say about their stay at the FH Aachen Faculty of Business Studies? Click here and learn more about their experiences and impressions.


In our list of FAQs you will find answers to questions frequently asked by Incoming students. You‘ve got even more questions? Then feel free to contact our student support service.