Boards & Committees

Several boards and committees support the faculty in its strategic development.

Appointment Committees

Appointments Committees are convened when a professorship is advertised. The focus is on a fair, transparent and gender-neutral appointment procedure. Hence, the Appointment Committee sets up a catalogue of criteria as well as the advertisement of the professorship, it also views applicants' documents and invites applicants to appointment lectures and interviews. The commitee subsequently decides on which applicant comparative opinion are called and draws up an appointment suggestion the Faculty Council decides on and will then be presented to the rector.


Evaluation Committee

The main task of the Evaluation Commitee is the improvement of teaching and learning as well as quality assurance. To this end, each semester, among other things, the results of the student lecture survey is analysed. On the basis of these analyses concrete measure for improvements are decided if necessary and agreed upon between the dean/vice dean and the professors concerned.


Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board is composed of external company representatives. The members are elected by the Faculty Council on the dean's suggestion. The Faculty Advisory Board sits once in a semester at the invitation of the dean. The sessions provide a basis for information and experience exchange between the faculty and businesses as well as regional networking. The Faculty Advisory Board promotes the usability in practice of teaching and introduces points of view of companies and organisations into faculty-related issues.

Members of the Faculty Advisory Board are:

> Dr. Christian Burmester | Deputy Chairman of Sparkasse Aachen and Member of the University Council of FH Aachen
> Auditor/tax advisor Roland Hansen | Partner Financial Services | KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
> Laura Mahr | HR Manager | Mahr Heizung
> Tax adviser Carsten Sobotta | Partner Tax Performance Advisory | Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
> Lothar Steyns | Managing partner of SUMMIT IT CONSULT GmbH
> Yvonne Jussen | Director Human Ressources | MAEURER & WIRTZ GmbH & Co. KG


Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is composed of elected professors, academic and non-academic staff as well as students. The Faculty Council elects the deanship and acting as another body of the faculty it is repsonsible for fundamental and concrete issues regarding teaching, research and finances of the department. The most importants tasks are i.a. the safeguarding of the syllabus, study offer and lawful studies by drawing up examination and study regulations as well as the appointment of new professors. To this end, the faculty council makes use of the support of committees preparing discussions and decisions.

Members of the Faculty Council are:


Prof. Dr. Constanze Chwallek
Prof. Dr. Markus Focke
Prof. Dr. Mark Knüppel
Prof. Dr. Gisela Maercker
Prof. Dr. Karen Müller-Oestreich
Prof. Dr. Bernd Pietschmann (chairman)
Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider (vice chairwoman)
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stephan
Prof. Dr. Meike Utzerath
Prof. Dr. Christoph Weigand

Staff members:

HBO-BE/CE bc. Oliver Fuchs
Monika Krings
Nadine Oligschläger B.A.
Dipl.-Vw. Melanie Reinders


Katharina Klimas (Student Vice Dean)
Jan Krings
Lars Bandau


Pedagogical Suitability Committee

Pedagogical Suitability Committees are intended to examine the pedagogic suitability of a professor during her or his one-year probation period. For assessment the impressions of the trial lectures are taken into account. On the basis of the present expert reports and the statement of the committee, the rectorate decides on an unlimited tenure or the completion of an unlimited employment relationship.


Examination Board

The Examination Board ensures that the provisions of the examination regulations are respected and provides for an orderly conduct of examinations. It especially scrutinises appeals in examination procedures. So, the examination board at least once a year reports to the faculty about the development of examinations and study times. It makes reform proposals to the examination regulations reform and the syllabus and reveals the distribution of marks and total marks.


Prof. Dr. Kathrin Kroll-Ludwigs (chairwoman)
Prof. Dr. Bernd P. Pietschmann (vice chairman)
Prof. Dr. Philipp Schmitz
Prof. Dr. Michael Timme
Dipl.-Vw. Melanie Reinders
Stud. Katharina Klimas
Stud. Thomke Dekker

Quality Improvement Committee

In order to continuously improve teaching and study conditions the faculty provides an internal reporting and quality monitoring. The Quality Improvement Committee gives advice and makes planning suggestions for the purposeful use of funds. The committee consists of students, professors and academic staff members as well as one nonvoting member of the faculty administration. The deanship is accorded an advisory vote.


Study Advisory Board

The study advisory board counsels the department and the deanship especially in the fields of study reform, the evaluation of study and teaching as well the issue and modifications of examination regulations.


Liaison Professor

The liaison professor is proposed by the students and is the first contact for deficits and issues in the area of teaching and study organisation, which students couldn't satisfactorily with professors and examiners. The task of the liaison professor is to mediate between those concerned in such situations and find a solution, contacting the dean if need be.

Liaison professor: Prof. Dr. Nicola Stippel