Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory for nuclear chemistry is divided in two parts. The low-level area serves as training laboratory for groups with up to 16 students or participants of health physics courses. The second area is designed for work with higher activities (safety class S3) and is used as research and preparation laboratory.

For the work with open radioactive sources several instruments are available that can be used for (radio)chemical analysis or synthesis:

Gamma Spectrometry

  • HPGe detector 
  • LaBr3 detector 
  • NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors

Alpha and Beta Detection

  • Proportional counter Berthold LB770 for the simultaneous measurement of up to 10 samples 
  • LSC WALLAC 1414 Guardian with alpha beta discrimination and infrastructure for low level activity measurements
  • Vacuum chambers with PIPS detectors for alpha spectrometry 

General Radiodetectors

  • Geiger Müller counters
  • Contamination measurement devices (Kontamat, Berthold LB124, CoMo)

X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Bruker Picofox TRFA for elemental analysis

Microfluidic Separation and Synthesis Devices

  • Synthesis module based on capillaries 
  • Microfluidic chips for liquid liquid extraction: Y-Y channels
  • Membrane systems (Zaiput) for liquid liquid extraction

Other Instruments

  • Microwave digestion device CEM Discover SP-D