Examination according to DIN 25415 for easy decontamination of surfaces

Information for clients:

For the examination we require 25 test bodies with the measurements 50 x 50 mm and a thickness of maximal 8 mm. The maximal thickness is specified by our measurement device for residual contamination. The carrier material needs to be water-repellent.

After arrival at our laboratory, the test bodies will be stored for at least 14 days at standardized conditions. They will be cleaned with a mixture of petroleum ether and isopropanol. After contamination and decontamination the sample bodies will be dried at 40°C standing upright. 

The complete description of the examination is available from the publishing house Beuth. We examine and evaluate according to this norm.

Sampling and chemical digestion of enviromental samples

Inspection for Carbon-14 and Tritium, Gammaspectrometry



Please contact Felix Schneider for more information: F.Schneider(at)