FB 8 - International

Semester Abroad

Are you thinking about studying a semester at a foreign university to improve your language skills? Please note the application deadlines for exchange semesters.

Experience Reports

Students of our faculty look back on their stay abroad. Use their Experience reports to make the right choice for your semester abroad! 

Double Degrees

In addition to your final degree at the FH Aachen you may obtain a further degree at a foreign partner university. | Internat. Degree Programs

ROS Summer School

Interested in mobile autonomous systems? Take part in our ROS Summer School!

Partner Universities

... there are approx. 130 partner universities throughout the world:
—> within Europe
—> outside Europe

Courses in English

Here you find a list of modules as well as summer schools which are taught in English to attract foreign students. | Courses in English

Inter-univ. Cooperations

Besides cooperation agreements, our faculty is involved in further international projects with foreign universities.

3D Print. Summer School

Interested in rapid prototyping? Take part in our
3D Printing Summer School!