Welcome to Faculty 8 Alumni!

The Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics has been training engineers for over 100 years. Thousands of students got their degrees and consequently laid the foundations for their career here. We would like to strengthen the feeling of solidarity between our alumni as well as their connections with our department, because this feeling of togetherness is the inspiration for teaching that has its finger on the pulse and the motivation for lifelong learning.

Most activities carried out by the Alumni section of the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics are done so in conjunction with ALFHA.net e.V. (FH Aachen's Alumni Association), with which it is affiliated. Students and graduates, teachers and staff remain in contact with each other and benefit from each other by means of their direct line to the university. This is just as true for those stepping onto the first rung of the career ladder as those who have already established their careers. Beyond subjects and generations - across international borders.

If you have links to our faculty, feel at home with us or look back fondly on your time at the university, you can give a little something back to the department through membership of ALFHA.net, while also benefiting from up-to-date contacts. Because being alumni is for life.

Our main goals include:

  • promoting contact between alumni
  • career development through networks and information
  • further subject-specific education for our students and graduates
  • information on current developments in the faculty

ALFHA.net - the alumni network of the Aachen UAS

ALFHA.net – the FH Aachen Alumni Network

FH Aachen's Alumni Network (ALFHA.net) connects students and graduates from the university with the world of work. It promotes contact and communication between the different groups.

alfha.net's aim is to provide the following:

  • a point of contact between former students and the teaching and research areas of the department
  • further subject-specific education for our graduates and students in Aachen and elsewhere
  • information on new developments in the faculty
  • career development through networks and information
  • lifetime FH email address for better networking

Go to alfha.net's homepage (in German)

Our faculty's alumni activities

Faculty 8 Alumni Initiatives

The Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics arranges and promotes various events for its members and students of Mechanical Engineering, such as:

  • faculty graduation celebrations
  • experience exchange (Mechanical Engineering graduates report on their practical experience)
  • support for students as they begin their careers
  • organization of free fair tickets
  • seminars and further education programs during and after study
  • free lifetime FH email address for better networking
  • reduced participation fees for selected events
  • up-to-date newsletter (published 1-2 times a year) informs former students, staff and teachers about new developments across the university and in the faculty and keeps them abreast of what's happening
  • free delivery of the biannual university magazine "Dimensionen"

The term "alumni"

The Term "Alumni"

The image of the "alma mater" (the kind, nurturing mother) has become established in universities as fixed terminology for "university", as students are metaphorically "nurtured" there with knowledge and education. Alumni (from the Latin alere = to nourish, raise; alumni = plural of alumnus; feminine form: alumna) is how the "pupils" of each alma mater are known today. In a narrower sense, alumni are the current and former students, but, more broadly, the term also encompasses teachers or staff at the university.